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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
129-Nov-2016A statistical analysis of the expenditures on research and development and the increase of Gross Domestic Product: an sensible way for easing the effects of greek economic crisisKyritsis, Constantinos; Frangos, Christos C.; Sotiropoulos, Ioannis; Fragkos, Konstantinos C; Chaniotis, Stavros
29-Apr-2016Predictive factors of the exceptionally high number of industrial accidents at work in Greece: A statistical analysis of Sample Survey ResultsFrangos, Christos C.; Skordas, Vaios; Kyritsis, Constantinos; Chaniotis, Stavros; Frangos, Konstantinos
310-Aug-2017The solution of the 3RD clay millennium problem. A short proof that P≠NP=EXPTIME in the context of Zermelo-Frankel set theoryKyritsis, Constantinos
42011Taxation and competitiveness in hotel branch: The case of 4 and 5 star hotels of Kos island, GreeceVlachos, Theodoros; Diakomihalis, Mihail N.; Lagos, Dimitrios
52011Financial structure and profitability analysis of greek hotelsDiakomihalis, Μihail N.
62011The role of port and refuelling costs in yachting development in GreeceDiakomihalis, Mihail N.
72011An empirical approach to coastal leisure shipping in Greece and an assessment of its economic contributionDiakomihalis, Mihail N.; Lagos, Dimitrios
82012Cruise ship supply chain: a field study on outsourcing decisionsDiakomihalis, Mihail N.; Stefanidaki, Evagelia
92012Maritime tourism tax revenues in Greece: a aew framework for collectionDiakomihalis, Mihail N.
1026-Aug-2017On the solution of the 4th clay millennium problem. Proof of the regularity of the solutions of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations, based on the conservation of particles as a local structure of the fluid, formulated in the context of continuous fluid mechanics.Kyritsis, Constantinos
112012The accuracy of Altman’s models in predicting hotel bankruptcyDiakomihalis, Mihail N.
122014Evaluation of High Educational Institutes economic impact with Satellite Accounting: an empirical application in GreeceDiakomihalis, Mihail N.
132015Factors influencing the Accounting and Finance undergraduate department choice in GreeceDiakomihalis, Mihail N.; Hyz Alina; Gikas Grigorios
142013M&AS, Economic performance and international orientation of the greek acquiring listed firms at a long-run perspectivePazarskis, Michail; Sykianakis, Nicos; Sotiropoulos, Ioannis; Diakomihalis, Mihail Ν.
152016Criteria of optimal portfolio selection: Evidence from private investors in Greece and PolandDiakomihalis, Mιhail N.; Hyz Alina; Parlinska M.; Gikas G.
162016Financial crisis and Greek banks' performance variationDiakomihalis Mihail N.; Sagka, Ioanna; Chatzi, Iliana
172016Cruise ship cost analysis: An AHP study on cost componentsDiakomihalis, Mihail N.; Stefanidaki, Evagelia; Chytis, Evagelos
183-Nov-2017An axiomatic system for physical or digital but continuous 3-dimensions Euclidean geometry, without infinite many pointsKyritsis, Constantinos
Results 101-118 of 118 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).


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