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Title: Envisioning the future by revising our dogmas and beliefs – systems.
Authors: Kyritsis Konstantinos 
Keywords: Epistemology
Issue Date: Jul-2020
Publisher: Conference: 4th International Conference on Quantitative, Social, Biomedical and Economic IssuesAt: ATHENS, GREECEVolume: PRODEEDINGS
Abstract: Beliefs do not only shape our experiences, do not only shape our thoughts and emotions, do not only shape the state of our immune system and physical health but also shape our social decisions and how we create our society and civilization's evolution. The suggested progressive beliefs are assumed as standards of an advanced and powerful civilization. There is no guarantee that the earthly civilization, in the coming centuries will fulfill these standards. But even it will not fulfill them, it is good to have a good perspective towards them. If they are not fulfilled sooner or later insufficient degree of spiritual and consciousness standards, the fate of this planetary humanity will be to become subordinate to external indirect tyranny.
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