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Title: The contribution of maritime tourism to total employment in Greece
Authors: Diakomihalis, Mihail N. 
Keywords: Τουρισμός--Ελλάδα;Tourism--Greece;Απασχόληση--Ελλάδα;Employment--Greece
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the economy of many countries, contributing to their economic growth and job creation, and providing employment and income. The paper examines the impact of Maritime tourism in Greece on an especially relevant dimension of tourism which is employment. The estimation is realized with the implementation of the Tourism Satellite Account. The theoretical and the empirical framework of Maritime tourism in Greece have been analyzed. The insufficiency or the ambiguity of certain registered data led to the conduct of primary researches which were focused on the generation of jobs by the enterprises of each maritime activity. The paper is concluded by presenting on Table 5: “Tourism employment of characteristic industries and other industries” of the TSA, the final results of the direct, indirect and induced employment created by each maritime tourism activity, as well as that created by “all other industries” that participate in the supply of goods and services consumed by the Maritime tourism purchasers.
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