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dc.contributor.authorPazarskis, Michailel
dc.contributor.authorSykianakis, Nicosel
dc.contributor.authorSotiropoulos, Ioannisel
dc.contributor.authorDiakomihalis, Mihail Ν.el
dc.description.abstractThis paper examines empirically the impact of M&As on the post-merger economic performance of Greek merger-involved firms at a long-run perspective and in accordance to their international orientation (domestic or international M&As). Τhe post-merger economic performance of an extensive sample of Greek acquiring listed firms is investigated with accounting data analysis. For the purpose of the study, two profitability ratios (ROA, ROE) are employed, in order to measure firms’ post-merger economic performance. The received results revealed that there is no significant change of any examined variable in the post-merger performance at the sample firms. Furthermore, concerning firms’ international orientation, the ratio results are combined with their decision for an international M&As or not. From this point of view, the research revealed that there is no difference from the international orientation (domestic or international M&As) for the acquiring firms of the research sample at none of the two examined accounting ratio. Key words: mergers; acquisitions; financial ratios; post-mergerel
dc.format.extentp.p. 16-26el
dc.subjectBusiness enterprises--Greeceel
dc.subjectΣυγκέντρωση και συγχώνευση εταιρειώνel
dc.subjectConsolidation and merger of corporationsel
dc.titleM&AS, Economic performance and international orientation of the greek acquiring listed firms at a long-run perspectiveel
dc.typeJournal articleel
dc.subject.keywordInternational M&Asel
dc.relation.journalInternational Journal of Economics and Research – IJER - 41/1;-
item.fulltextΜε πλήρες κείμενο-
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