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Title: Networking technologies and new forms of consulting services under the view of enlargement
Authors: Tsoukas, Vassileios 
Karanassios, Nikolaos 
Keywords: Τεχνολογία πληροφοριών;Information technology
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: This paper aims to: • Investigate the use of networking technologies in two geographic regions (Central Macedonia and East Macedonia & Thrace) in a manner that data is not biased by lack of consulting by experts. • Evaluate the degree of the entrepreneurs' willingness to use "network" facilities, considering the cost difference between physical presence of a consultant and his service provision under a virtual presence. The Enlargement of the EU is considered to be, both a market for domestic experts and a pool of experts to be used as consultants, using the Network. • Demonstrate most accurate and up-to-date information (with respect to the capability of the entre¬preneurs to conceive such cognitive items), after executing a field survey, targeted to: - Measure the degree of acceptance, of such an innovation, by the entrepreneurs. - Explore the possibilities of the application of this kind of work (in what fields and sectors) with respect to privacy. Explore the language barriers, the invoicing and money transfer obstacles and com¬munication infrastructure availability. Examine the preference of provenience, of such "networking" external consultants, such as Univer¬sities, Consulting Firms, International Experts etc. The data evaluation and comparison will be based on the cost of the services. Scenarios will be examined during the survey, in order to be presented in the Conference, not limited by only the cost and secrecy.
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