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Title: Management of local albanian government for biological activity of drinking water
Authors: Dumi, Alba 
Keywords: Πόσιμο νερό--Αλβανία;Drinking water--Albania;Γεωργία και Κράτος;Agriculture and state
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Thinking about your local reservoir may conjure visions of water sports, fishing, or picnicking, but reservoirs serve a much more vital purpose. Reservoirs, or man-made lakes, are typically created by building dams across rivers (some also occur naturally). Reservoirs even out the fluctuations in a water supply by storing water when it is abundant and releasing it later, especially when water supply diminishes during drought. Water towers, a familiar sight along nearly every highway in America, help to make sure that water deliveries remain relatively constant even during peak water use times. Their main purpose, however is to elevate the water level high enough to supply adequate water pressure throughout a distribution system. As demand for water increases, so does the need for new reservoirs. Managed underground storage systems do not require the requisition of large amounts of land that surface reservoirs do, and loss of water through evaporation is not a problem. Nevertheless, underground storage does pose some challenges.
ISBN: 978-960-86583-7-0
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