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Title: The competitive advantages of Albania. The prospective of the industry that work with ordering materialin conditions of global recession.
Authors: Gerdhe, Suela 
Keywords: Βιομηχανίες--Αλβανία;Industries--Albania;Ανταγωνισμός, Διεθνής;Competition, International;Depressions;Οικονομική ύφεση
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The industry that works with order material (active processing imports) is Considered by industry experts, but also by the Albanian government as one of the potential for export. This industries occupy a considerable total Albanian exports and GDP in the country. The whole industry is organized on ordering material (active processing imports) with orientation to foreign markets. But optimism among manufacturers has decreased rapidly since the beginning of this year, as the result of collapse global economy and the increase of inflation. The article aims to investigate the average expectations of this sector, as the perspective of profits, employment, and existence in terms of global economic recession. In particular the paper focuses on the effects of comparative advantages on theexpectations of industry Also, the paper will be given to answer the question (1) can this industry be competitive in European markets and (2) which are the opportunities for it to be the part of the domestic market?
ISBN: 978-960-86583-7-0
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