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Title: Knowledge economy in next generation enterprise environments
Authors: Kougias, Ioannis E. 
Seremeti, Lambrini I. 
Kalogeras, Dimitris H. 
Keywords: Οικονομία της γνώσης;Knowledge economy;Επιχειρήσεις;Business enterprises;Οντολογίες;Ontologies
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: In the post-crisis era,the world economy will be transformed into a knowledge economy, as the appropriate application of knowledge will be the main means of production, since the availability of traditional resources such as labour, capital and raw materials has already been limited. Thus, knowledge economy is of paramount importance in designing successful enterprise environments. Recycling and amalgamating knowledge are the main economic activities, the results of which will maximize in short terms the productivity values of any organization. In this paper, the Next Generation Enterprise Environments are defined as those that inherently exhibit intelligent behaviour and adaptive functionality, which is achieved by analyzing the asset factors that lead the knowledge of such environments to be transformed from implicit to explicit. An innovative approach is proposed, based on ontologies and ontology alignment, since they provide means for explicit and formal representations of knowledge and ways of harmonically interrelating them.
ISBN: 978-960-86583-7-0
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