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Title: International Accountings Standards, the necessity of harmonization for greek companies and the impact of education
Authors: Koumaridou, Despoina 
Eleftheriadou, Gefsimani 
Kerenidou, Eleftheria 
Sotiriadou, Domma 
Karasavvoglou, Anastasios 
Keywords: Λογιστική--Πρότυπα;Accounting--Standards;Εκπαίδευση;Education
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: The European Committee consecrated the European companies, which are penetrated, in organized markets to enforce the International Accountings Standards (IAS) for the 2005’s use. The enforcement of IAS is very important because it will have positive results for the companies and the whole market. It will help in clear enforcement of rules’ use in domestic capital market. Generally we can tell that the enforcement of IAS creates a «logical picture» which is nearer to the fair value of a company. Apart from that IAS accommodates the international exchanges and creates the presupposition in order to be insensitive. As far as Greece is concerned, the advantages of the premature use, in comparison with the other European countries, are important. The enforcement of IAS for the penetrated companies has improved the general picture of Athens’ stock exchange and has also helped the attraction of foreign investments. After that it is possible that there will be development for the Greek companies. The companies’ staff of tomorrow needs to make worthy effectively the tool of IAS. In this case the perfect education in particular sensible item constitutes self-understood event. The enlarging economy needs «enlargement» staff, which apart from all will have delight in reasonable and useful of IAS.
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