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Title: The impact of migration on local labour market and infrastructure in Greece
Authors: Hyz, Alina 
Pappas, Konstantinos 
Keywords: Αποδημία και εποίκιση;Emigration and immigration;Αγορά εργασίας;Labor market;Υποδομή (Οικονομική);Infrastructure (Economics)
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: Migration is a growing global phenomenon, which has a tremendous impact on the demography, culture, economy and politics of every country. Until recently, Greece was a country of sending labour force. In particular, during the period 1955-1975, a significantly important outflow of home labour force was noted. However, the last decades, the flow of the migratory waves has changed radically. Since the decade of 1970, the inflow of foreigners’ labour force appeared in Greece for the first time. The evolutions, though, that were observed in the 90’s in Greece are particularly important and without historical precedent. The present paper will study the impact of migration on local labour market and infrastructure in Greece. The structure of the paper is as follows. First, some brief background information on immigration levels and policies in Greece will be provided. The issue of how migration affects labour market conditions and considers changes in the migrants’ position in the labour market and infrastructure in Greece over time will then be clarified. Finally, some important findings and concluding remarks will be presented.
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