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Title: Utopias-Toolbox of dreams
Authors: Bogachevsky, George M. 
Keywords: Ουτοπίες;Utopias;Οικονομική--Κοινωνικές απόψεις;Economics—Sociological aspects;Σκέψη και συλλογισμός;Thought and thinking
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: This paper attempts to trace genesis of utopia as a form of thinking. Attempts are made to develop classification of generic hypothetic utopias by their possible types and explain differences between types as well as reasons for these differences. The place on the continuum of thought is offered for a contribution of political economy to utopian thought. Relations are being researched between technological development in history and utopias. Role and place of corporate and cooperative forms of ownership and governance of business entities in societal development and their relation to utopian thinking are discussed. Relations between modern theories of stakeholders and societies of real and utopian world, as well as between social progress and utopias are reviewed. Relations between democracy as a form of societal governance and utopian thinking are considered. Because the world becomes more and more interrelated in a process of globalization, the attention is paid to influence of globalization processes on a utopian form of thought. Suggestions implying the end of utopian form of thought are discussed as well.
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