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Title: The inclusion of bias in reflective and reflexive research: A necessary prerequisite for securing validity
Authors: Mantzoukas, Stefanos 
Keywords: Νοσηλευτική;Nursing
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Sage Publications
Abstract: In this paper I explore the relationship between bias, research and reflective studies. I argue that bias is not by definition counterproductive for research studies, and that biased studies do not necessarily constitute invalid research. Hence, I commence by discussing how the concept of bias and its relationship to knowledge production has developed within the history of science and how it has evolved during the twentieth century by drawing on the work of Ayer, Popper and Wittgenstein. I go on to argue that bias cannot sincerely be excluded from the research process, irrelevant of paradigm, and that the presupposition of excluding bias from research studies is based upon historical and ideological assumptions that, once pushed to their logical conclusion, do not hold ground. Nonetheless, I consider that research studies deriving from positivist or post-positivist paradigms will need to continue to strive for the elimination or minimisation of bias, because these are the fundamental rules of these paradigms. However, for non-positivist studies, which utilise reflection to reveal the researcher’s bias, the paradigmatic rules require that these biases should be included rather than excluded from the study. Thus, the article concludes by suggesting that such studies are reflexive studies which are valid only if the researcher’s bias is fully incorporated and becomes transparent throughout the study.
ISSN: 1744-9871
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