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Title: “Globalisation” of the Alimentary Consumption Patterns in Greece (1957 to 2005); An Economic Analysis
Authors: Ioannis Sotiropoulos 
Georgios Georgakopoulos 
Kostantinos Kyritsis 
Keywords: Οικονομία
Issue Date: 10-Feb-2010
Publisher: International Journal of Economics and Finance
Abstract: Abstract An attempt is made in this paper to describe the development of dietary consumption in Greece during the period 1957 to 2005. All dimensions of alimentary consumption patterns are examined here with a specific focus on: a) their natural characteristics (i.e. plant and animal components); b) technical features of the production process (primary, secondary and tertiary transformation processes); c) their biological and nutritious dimensions (as well as related health and safety issues); and d) socio-economic attributes of these patterns of consumption (i.e. consumption features of the different social, economic, demographic, geographic and professional layers of the population).
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