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Title: Πως συγκρίνονται τα τραπεζικά με τα ασφαλιστικά αποταμιευτικά προγράμματα
Authors: Petros Kiochos 
Konstantinos Kyritsis 
Keywords: Ασφαλιστικά μαθηματικά;Μαθηματική οικονομία;(JEL:G21,G22,G23)
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2000
Publisher: University of Piraeus Volume of essays in Honour of Professor M. Raphael 2000,
Abstract: ABSTRACT In this paper with title «How are compared the insurance pension investments and bank savings», we analyse the insurance pension policies from the point of view of an investment. In this way they became quantitatively comparable with ordinary savings through deposit in a bank. We describe numerical simulation examples using the mortality tables P.M.1960/64 MKH.(JEL:G21,G22,G23)
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