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Title: Assigning and scheduling hierarchical task graphs to heterogeneous resources
Authors: Αλεφραγκής, Παναγιώτης 
Γκόγκος, Χρήστος 
Βαλουξής, Χρήστος 
Γούλας, Γεώργιος 
Βώρος, Νικόλαος 
Χούσος, Ευθύμιος 
Keywords: Scheduling--Computer programs
Issue Date: Aug-2014
Abstract: Task Scheduling is an important problem having many practical applications. More often than not, precedence constraints exist between tasks, and a common way to capture them is through Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs). A DAG might contain a great number of tasks representing complex real life scenarios. It might be the case that logical groupings of tasks exist giving a hierarchical nature to the graph. Such Hierarchical Task Graphs (HTGs) have nodes that are further analyzed to DAGs or to other HTGs. In this paper a method of solving an HTG problem is presented based on the idea of gradually solving the problem by replacing subgraphs with virtual nodes. Integer Programming is used to generate virtual nodes that replace a subgraph, results from solving the subgraph problem using. So a series of subproblems are solved and starting from the deeper levels of the HTG a solution to the full problem emerges.
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