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Title: Optimization of piezoelectric patches in smart structures using multi-objective genetic algorithms
Authors: Φουτσιτζή, Γεωργία 
Γκόγκος, Χρήστος 
Σταυρουλάκης, Γεώργιος 
Αντωνιάδης, Νικόλαος 
Keywords: Smart structure;Genetic algorithms
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Abstract: In this paper multi-objective genetic algorithms have been used to search for the optimal placement of the piezoelectric sensors and actuators bonded on smart beams. A finite element method based on Timoshenko beam theory is used accounting for the piezoelectric layers. The discrete optimal sensor and actuator location problem is formulated in the framework of a zero-one optimization problem with multi-objective functions as performance measures. A cantilever beam example is considered to demonstrate the performance of the selected multi-objective genetic algorithm which is NSGAII. It is shown that the proposed algorithm is effective in developing optimal Pareto front curves for optimal placement and number of actuators and sensors such that the performance on dynamic responses is also satisfied.
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