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Title: The financial and operating performance of privatized firms in telecommunications: The case study of OTE
Authors: Καραμάνης, Κωνσταντίνος 
Keywords: Τηλεπικοινωνία -- Οικονομικές απόψεις;Telecommunication -- Economic aspects
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: For four decades OTE (Hellenic Telecommunication Organization) had operated as a state monopoly, providing exclusively basic telecommunication services. However, this ownership status gave rise to much controversy. Not only the harmonization with the European Community legislation, but the poor performance of OTE as well, made the restructuring of the Organization necessary in order to achieve a smooth adaptation to the new conditions. OTE had to be transformed from a subscription based company to a client oriented one. The new strategy had to incorporate not only workforce which is efficient, well-informed and actively involved towards the aims of a competitive, decentralized and customer centered enterprise, but also the offer of a wider variety of services and products in a competitive price, combined with an aggressive commercial policy and a wide range of a dynamic sales network. Therefore, along with the first steps towards the privatization of OTE, the plans for its administrative restructuring were implemented. In the present article we examine the changes that took place regarding the administrative turnover and the labor relations of OTE since the early steps of its privatization. In addition, we examine the economic performance of OTE for a time period of 16 years (seven years before and nine years after its privatization) with the help of specific financial figures, such as profitability (net income/total assets), operating efficiency (net income/total number of employees), production, investments, dividends and leverage of the Organization. From the results it was found out that the economic performance of OTE deteriorates after the privatization. On the contrary, its financial figures show a significant improvement during the preprivatization period (1989-1995).
ISBN: 978-960-87764-7-0
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