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Rontogianni, Athina
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2014Corporate Social Responsibility in SMEs and MNEs. The Different Strategic Decision MakingMousiolisa, T. Dimosthenis ; Zaridis, D. Apostolos ; Karamanis , Kostas ; Rontogianni, Athina 
2Nov-2015Female entrepreneurship in agricultural sector. The case of Municipality of Pogoni in the period of economic crisisZaridis, Apostolos D. ; Rontogianni, Athina ; Karamanis, Kostas 
3Feb-2015Public or Private Telecoms? The effects of ownership on greek telecommunications market. The effects of ownership on greek telecommunications marketKaramanis, Kostas ; Zaridis, Apostolos D. ; Rontogianni, Athina ; Mousiolis, Dimosthenis 
4Feb-2015The determinants of the market. The case of the greek agribusiness sectorZaridis, Apostolos D. ; Mousiolis, Dimosthenis ; Rontogianni, Athina ; Karamanis, Kostas