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Kyritsis Konstantinos
Full Name
Κυρίτσης Κώστας
Vernacular Name
Kyritsis Konstantinos
Kyritsis Constantinos
Kyritsis Costas
Kyritsis Constantine
Kyritsis Kostantinos
Kyritsis, Konstantinos
Kyritsis Konstantine
Konstantinos E. Kyritsis
Kyritsis K.E.
Konstantinos Kyritsis
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Author:  Kostantinos Kyritsis

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2017An Axiomatic System for a Physical or Digital but Continuous 3-Dimensional Euclidean Geometry, Without Infinite Many PointsKyritsis, Konstantinos 
220-Jun-2001Estimation of required liquidity for investment position in Futures of the Athens Derivatives Exchange MarketKonstantinos Kyritsis 
315-Mar-2001Estimation of the Maximum Average Loss for investment positions in futures of the Athens Derivatives Exchange MarketKonstantinos Kyritsis ; Apostolis Kiohos 
420-May-2010Fair distribution of stock exchange securities among customers. A clearance optimization application.Christos Gogos ; Konstantinos Kyritsis ; Ioannis Sotiropoulos 
510-Feb-2010“Globalisation” of the Alimentary Consumption Patterns in Greece (1957 to 2005); An Economic AnalysisIoannis Sotiropoulos ; Georgios Georgakopoulos ; Kostantinos Kyritsis 
61-Mar-2007Note on the effect of the 11 years global climate cycle on the prices of the capital marketsKyritsis Konstantinos ; Sotiropoulos Ioannis ; Gogos Christos ; Kypriotelis Efstratios 
730-Oct-2017On the 4th Clay millennium problem: Proof of the regularity of the solutions of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations, based on the conservation of particlesKyritsis Konstantinos 
817-Jan-2000Optimal investment policies and oscillators of stockmarket technical analysis. Application in the impact of the war in Yugoslavia to the Greek StockmarketKonstantinos Kyritsis 
920-Sep-2008Option pricing based on the concept of insurance: market models-Free methods that give as special case the black –Scholes option pricingKonstantinos Kyritsis ; Nikos Andoniadis 
108-May-2015Simulation for the stability and DEA risk analysis of Greek banks within a prolonged duration of the debt crisisKonstantinos Kyritsis ; Panagiotis Rekleitis ; Panagiotis Trivelas 
111-Oct-1998Stochastic refinement of the Pecorinos optimal inflation-Rate modelKonstantinos Kyritsis ; Petros Kiochos 
1225-Apr-2018The economic crisis of 2008 and the financial system supervision: towards a European Banking UnionKolovou, Evaggelia ; Gikas, Grigorios ; Kyritsis, Kostantinos 
135-Feb-1999The impact of the convergence of the greek economy to EMI in the stockmarket: BAYES, nested estimation of the stock trendsKonstantinos Kyritsis 
1417-Jan-2000The risks of bankruptcy in insurance companies. Stochastic stability and favorable games.Konstantinos Kyritsis ; Petros Kiochos 
1520-Jun-2001Time-series simulation of the income of Insurance-Brokers, in GreecePetros Kiochos ; Konstantinos Kyritsis 
1617-Feb-1999Βέλτιστο Χαρτοφυλάκιο μετοχών του δείκτη FTSE/ΧΑΑ20 στο Χρηματιστήριο Αθηνών για τα έτη 1997-1999Konstantinos Kyritsis ; Apostolos Kiochos 
1720-Jun-2000Πως συγκρίνονται τα τραπεζικά με τα ασφαλιστικά αποταμιευτικά προγράμματαPetros Kiochos ; Konstantinos Kyritsis