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Frangos, Christos C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
123-Apr-2016Statistical investigative analysis of the factors which contribute to the productivity of the academic teachers with respect to scientific research output and teaching effectivenessFrangos, Christos C. ; Chaniotis, Stavros Antonios ; Frangos, Constantinos C. ; Kyritsis, Konstantinos 
29-Apr-2016Predictive factors of the exceptionally high number of industrial accidents at work in Greece: A statistical analysis of Sample Survey ResultsFrangos, Christos C. ; Skordas, Vaios ; Kyritsis, Constantinos ; Chaniotis, Stavros ; Frangos, Konstantinos 
329-Nov-2016A statistical analysis of the expenditures on research and development and the increase of Gross Domestic Product: an sensible way for easing the effects of greek economic crisisKyritsis, Constantinos ; Frangos, Christos C. ; Sotiropoulos, Ioannis ; Fragkos, Konstantinos C ; Chaniotis, Stavros 
42011A logistic regression model for the determination of the predictive factors for the demand by customers of bank loans in GreeceFrangos, Christos C. ; Fragkos, Konstantinos C. ; Sotiropoulos, Ioannis ; Gikas, Grigoris ; Valvi, Aikaterini C. ; Manolopoulos, Ioannis