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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Adam Przeworski. Δημοκρατία και αγορά. Πολιτικές και οικονομικές μεταρρυθμίσεις στην Ανατολική Ευρώπη και Λατινική Αμερική. Ηράκλειο Κρήτης: Πανεπιστημιακές Εκδόσεις Κρήτης, 2001 [Βιβλιοκρισία]Γκίκας, Γρηγόριος 
2005Additionality of grant-aided investments by small rural firms: Empirical evidence and financial assistance policy implicationsΤζελέπης, Δημήτριος 
2011AHP model for investors decision making processParlinska, Maria ; PetrovskaI, Iryna 
20-Jun-1995Alternative algebraic definitions of the Hessenberg natural operations in the ordinal numbers .Konstantinos Kyritsis 
2005Alternative option pricing methods, based on the concept of insuranceΚυρίτσης, Κώστας ; Αντωνιάδης, Νικόλαος 
8-Oct-2017An Axiomatic System for a Physical or Digital but Continuous 3-Dimensional Euclidean Geometry, Without Infinite Many PointsKyritsis, Konstantinos 
2008An econometric analysis of corporate liquid reserves: evidence from GreeceArnis, Nikos ; Kolias, Georgios ; Filios, Vassilios 
2004An economic growth model for Austrian economy based on co-integration analysisΔριτσάκης, Νικόλαος ; Μεταξόγλου, Κωνσταντίνος 
2011An empirical approach to coastal leisure shipping in Greece and an assessment of its economic contributionDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Lagos, Dimitrios 
2009An empirical study of the theory of purchasing power parity in the transition european economies: The case of Czech RepublicΖαφειρίου, Ελένη ; Σόφιος, Σπυρίδων ; Αραμπατζής, Γαρύφαλλος 
Apr-2012An improved multi-staged algorithmic process for the solution of the examination timetabling problemΓκόγκος, Χρήστος ; Αλεφραγκής, Παναγιώτης ; Χούσος, Ευθύμιος 
20-Sep-1998An insurance econometric assets valuation model, for the national Technical University of Athens.Konstantinos Kyritsis ; Petros Kiochos 
Aug-2010An XML format for benchmarks in high school timetabling IIAhmadi, Samad ; Post, Gerhard ; Kingston, Jeffrey H. ; Δασκαλάκη, Σοφία ; Γκόγκος, Χρήστος ; Kyngas, Jari ; Nurmi, Cimmo ; Santos, Haroldo ; Rorije, Ben ; Schaerf, Andrea 
24-May-2001Analysing the conceptual logistical framework that derives from electronic commerce adoption, in the development of the remote areasKaranassios, Nikolaos ; Alexandrakis, Alexandros ; Guenot Jaques ; Poluha, Steve ; Chamalis, Ioannis 
1984Analysis of newbuilding vs. secondhand vessel purchaseDiakomihalis, Mihail N. 
2006Analyzing students' attitudes towards the adoption of e-learning - the case of Technical Vocational SchoolsVrana, Vasiliki ; Zafiropoulos, Costas ; Drogalas George 
2008Another form of the "day of the week" effect: Evidence from the Athens Stock ExchangeΣιλιγάρδος, Γιώργος Ε. 
May-2007Application of heuristics, genetic algorithms & integer programming at a public enterprise water pump scheduling systemΓκόγκος, Χρήστος ; Αλεφραγκής, Παναγιώτης ; Χούσος, Ευθύμιος 
2005Approaching "cultural assets" from an economic perspectiveΚάβουρα, Ανδρονίκη 
1996Aspects of cooperation within the Visegrad GroupGikas Grigorios