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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Tourism Satellite Account assessment of the impact of cruise industry on the greek economyDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Lagos, Dimitrios 
2011An empirical approach to coastal leisure shipping in Greece and an assessment of its economic contributionDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Lagos, Dimitrios 
1984Analysis of newbuilding vs. secondhand vessel purchaseDiakomihalis, Mihail N. 
2015Criteria affecting the cost of a cruise company: An AHP approachDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Stefanidaki, Evagelia 
2007Cruise and local economies in Greece: the economic impactDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Lekakou, M. ; Syriopoulos, T. ; Stefanidaki, E. 
2016Cruise ship cost analysis: An AHP study on cost componentsDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Stefanidaki, Evagelia ; Chytis, Evagelos 
2012Cruise ship supply chain: a field study on outsourcing decisionsDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Stefanidaki, Evagelia 
2014Efficiency of Greek bank institutions before and during the financial crisisChatzi, Iliana ; Diakomihalis, Mihail N. 
2008Estimation of the economic impacts of yachting in Greece via the tourism satellite accountDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Lagos, Dimitrios 
2014Evaluation of High Educational Institutes economic impact with Satellite Accounting: an empirical application in GreeceDiakomihalis, Mihail N. 
2007Evaluation of “Coastal Tourist Shipping” impacts to the Greek economy through the Tourism Satellite Account methodDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Lagos, Dimitrios 
2016Exploring Facebook as an information sourceHyz Alina ; Diakomihalis, Mihail N. 
2015Factors influencing the Accounting and Finance undergraduate department choice in GreeceDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Hyz Alina ; Gikas Grigorios 
2003Investments’ evaluating methods in shipping- a comparison study between the newbuilding versus the secondhand vessel purchase.Diakomihalis, Mihail N. 
2012Maritime tourism tax revenues in Greece: a aew framework for collectionDiakomihalis, Mihail N. 
1-Dec-2015Performance of the Greek banking sector pre and throughout the financial crisisChytis, Evangelos ; Chatzi, Iliana G. ; Diakomihalis, Mihail N. 
2017Prediction ability of Altman model for bankruptcy in Greek enterprisesDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Chytis, Evangelos T. ; Gouda, Konstantina M. 
2017Professional development of transference teachers to administrating / financial positionsDiakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Bolovinou, Eleni C. ; Papageorgakis, Panagiotis E. 
2011Taxation and competitiveness in hotel branch: The case of 4 and 5 star hotels of Kos island, GreeceVlachos, Theodoros ; Diakomihalis, Mihail N. ; Lagos, Dimitrios 
2002The comparison of alternative investments in the shipping industryDiakomihalis, Mihail N.